Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to the charting board...

So I decided to start temping and charting again last weekend. I am actually thankful that I did. My temp was still high as of Saturday and has dropped significantly since then (below my "normal" coverline). So if its any indication, I am thinking my HCG level is back to zero!!!! I wanted to get betas drawn today, but figured since the last one was last Thursday, that I should give it the full week just to make sure! I have to say though, I enjoyed the mornings of not setting the alarm to temp. Now just need to order the OPKs and I will be all set. Even though we are TTA until Sept, I think I am going to like this approach. I don't see the point in going back on the pill for less than 3 months and then off again. Plus, it gets me in practice of doing all of this again! Hopefully 3rd time's the charm for us!


  1. We lost our first in April this year. I've been blogging too- http://heathereigsti.blogspot.com/

    Nice to find other people who understand the season we're in.

  2. I feel good about the future for you, girl :) Keep that chin up. You are so strong, and you are going to be a mommy before you know it!