Friday, August 27, 2010

An Exciting Week.....

I want to congratulate two of my dear Bump friends that were blessed with their BFPs this week!!! Kristen and Leah, you both deserve this so much. I couldn't be more excited for you both!!!! And I am truly thankful to be apart of this journey with you. I wish you both the best of luck with your pregnancies and hope everything goes smoothly!!!

With my HSG coming back normal, Brian and I are ready to start trying again. I am hoping that I can ovulate A LOT sooner this cycle than the last, but we shall see. So far, -opks. We are going to MN to Mall of America next weekend through Labor Day, and cannot wait :-) Would sure be nice to O around then and have a "souvenir" to remember our vacation by... lol. I am just glad we are back in the game again. Waiting was so difficult and frustrating!

Have a safe weekend!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

HSG Results :-)

I just got home from my HSG appt. GREAT NEWS... all is clear! So we have the green light to start trying again! I couldn't be happier. The test itself didn't take long, but the pain and cramping was intense for the short amount of time. So thankful for it to be over now, and we can finally move forward! Here's to our 2011 baby!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ready to Try Again...

Well, AF finally arrived on Friday after a LONG cycle! I called my OB right away in the morning and my HSG is scheduled for August 23rd. If everything is in good, we are in the clear to start trying again. If not, then we will deal with it. I am hoping that there are no blockages or damage from the ectopic to my tubes. Brian is taking the day off to go with me and I think my mom is coming as well. Its so great to have such a wonderful support system. I am truly blessed!!! The good part about this test is at least the results are quick. We should know shortly after the procedure whats going on. I finally feel like we can completely move forward soon, and it's so refreshing! We are both ready and hoping for a miracle to bless our lives soon!