Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Two of my fellow blogger friends have nominated me for this award. I am truly touched and am so glad that people actually take the time to read my ranting and complaining. You are some brave souls, lol. Here are the Seven Random Things about me....

1.) My biggest fear is not spiders, or flying, or even heights (though I hate this)..... its failure. I guess I always have held myself to a high standard. Not because my family or how I grew up. I just always felt that if something is worth doing, then it's worth doing to your best ability. And I think that's why my TTC road has been so tough on me. I have no control over it.

2.)  I have never been drunk. I have been to the point of being buzzed and a little tipsy, but never wasted. I think that's because I am not one to lose control, especially over my actions and words.

3.) I was raised most of my life by a single mom. They divorced when I was 6, and my dad was not a huge role-player in my life. He lived within 25 miles of me most of my life, but he never saw a chorus concert, school play, prom, or graduation. My mom is the strongest person I have ever known. She is the reason I am who I am today!

4.) I have worked in long-term care for over 10 years. I started as a dishwasher at a nursing home. Worked my way up to a cook, went to technical college, and am now a dietary manager.

5.) I can be stubborn. When I get mad, I just want to be left alone. My husband is still learning that about me. He's more of the "let's talk it out" kind of guy. Doesn't always work the best during arguments.

6.) Brian and I looked at over 40 houses before we found the one we bought. We have very different "must-haves" when it came to looking for our house. So it took a very long time to find one that suited both of our needs.

7.) I have never been out of the United States. I have barely traveled to other states. I want to travel to Ireland in my lifetime!

Thank you to the ladies that nominated me. I will do my best to return the favor to 7 other awesome bloggers.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Will 3rd Time Be the Charm?!?!

I guess only time will tell on that question. O has been confirmed and now the wait starts. Things done differently this time are: increase dose of Clomid, preseed again, Mucinex to help CM since the higher dose seemed to dry things up, and pineapple core after O. There is a website called where your fortune can be read (entertainment only) and can be told things about future children. I decided to try it, since hey, its only $10! I received my reading Friday. Per Cheri22, I will have a baby girl, and she sees FEB, which could mean birth month, conceive month, or find out month! Ironically, my test date for this cycle per FF is Feb 2nd! It would be awesome if she was "right." The waiting part stinks, but I have an easier time with it knowing I O'd and have the chance of getting KU. If this doesn't work, then its off to the OB to discuss Metformin and Femara. And since I won't get in to see her until the next cycle were to start, I am assuming the next cycle would be unmedicated.

And on a happy side note, the Packers won the NFC Championship today and are headed to the Super Bowl!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Second Round a Bust

Well, as you can tell from the title, Clomid did not work this cycle..... well I O'd, just not resulting in a pregnancy. I called my OB this morning and talked about the plan ahead. Her first comment is that she only does Clomid for up to THREE cycles.... which shocked me. Most of the ladies I read about on the bump are on it for 4-5-6 months..... So she decided to up my dose from 50mg to 100mg this time around. If I do not get KU, then I am to make an appt to discuss whats next. She mentioned two medications that could work; Metformin and Femara. I have seen ladies charts with both of these meds listed. It gives me hope that if the Clomid does not work, there might still be something that will help. Of course, her main focus is still for me to continue to lose weight. I am sitting at 11 lbs lost, since adding 2 over the holidays. So its back to the strict diet. I am also looking into buying the Zumba Fitness for the Wii. I heard its really good!!! So we shall see what happens. Not the way I wanted to start 2011, but hoping for the best!

Yesterday would have been my due date with Angel #2. Mommy loves you baby!!!