Sunday, January 23, 2011

Will 3rd Time Be the Charm?!?!

I guess only time will tell on that question. O has been confirmed and now the wait starts. Things done differently this time are: increase dose of Clomid, preseed again, Mucinex to help CM since the higher dose seemed to dry things up, and pineapple core after O. There is a website called where your fortune can be read (entertainment only) and can be told things about future children. I decided to try it, since hey, its only $10! I received my reading Friday. Per Cheri22, I will have a baby girl, and she sees FEB, which could mean birth month, conceive month, or find out month! Ironically, my test date for this cycle per FF is Feb 2nd! It would be awesome if she was "right." The waiting part stinks, but I have an easier time with it knowing I O'd and have the chance of getting KU. If this doesn't work, then its off to the OB to discuss Metformin and Femara. And since I won't get in to see her until the next cycle were to start, I am assuming the next cycle would be unmedicated.

And on a happy side note, the Packers won the NFC Championship today and are headed to the Super Bowl!


  1. thinking of you! fyi I nominated you for a stylish blogger award! ::hugs::

  2. Good luck, babe! I also nominated you for a stylish blogger award :)