Tuesday, August 30, 2011

25 Weeks

Well, this week has been quite eventful! Brian finally got to feel Noah move last Friday night!!! He is so happy now :-) Also, Sunday morning, I saw him move and was higher positioning that he has been. Finally moved above my belly button. Was so surreal to see my stomach move around like that! The nursery furniture is all assembled and ready to go. I will probably be starting to wash some of the clothes and put them in the dresser soon since I have a whole closet full and would like to know what all he has. Mom and I hit garage sales last weekend, and came home with 5 bags of clothes (on top of the 4 she brought before we started) from NB to 18 mo! This boy is going to be set with clothes for a while... time for another weekly update....

How far along:
25 Weeks

Due Date:

Total weight gain:
Not 100% sure... haven't been brave enough to get on the scale this week..

Maternity Clothes:
yep, and just ordered some long sleeve for Fall last week

haven't been sleeping very well the past week.. hope that ends soon!

Best moment this week:
Brian feeling him move!

Yes!! And more frequent and stronger lately :-)

Food cravings:
found a new love for peanut butter ritz little sandwiches and sweet cereals

Food aversions:
not too much. Had tacos last night and wasn't bad

Belly is a growing! A co-worker told me yesterday I am really staring to show :-)


Labor signs:
None, thankfully!

Belly button in/out:
Still in... not sure for how much longer

What I miss:
Strawberry margaritas again... went to lunch with mom and she ordered one... :-(

What I am looking forward to:
My next OB appt in a week, and hopefully passing my glucose test for a 2nd time!

1 week past v-day, and only a couple more weeks until 3rd Tri!!!