Tuesday, September 6, 2011

26 Weeks

I thought I had popped a few weeks ago, but I def think I have now. Yesterday was Labor Day and it was so nice to share the three day weekend holiday with Brian. I feel sometimes that I am neglecting him in all of this baby stuff. I need to get better at being his wife, and understanding he still needs to feel loved, appreciated, and a partner in my life. Not just a daddy-to-be. And I am sure that my quick mood changes lately has not helped.

Weekly Update

How far along:
26 Weeks

Due Date:

Total weight gain:
Finally braved the scale yesterday... and it surprised me... up 16 lbs so far (thought I was up much more than that)

Maternity clothes:
Yes, and got some long sleeved shirts in the mail last week, just in time for the cooler days lately

Getting more restless recently, not being able to get comfortable

Best moment this week:
Big milestone yesterday, hit double digits :-)

Becoming more consistent now, which I LOVE

Food cravings:
Not much really, still like sweet things

Food aversions:
Finally able to eat some Mexican things, but if it was a choice for dinner, I would not pick it

Bigger belly, and starting to get stretch marks on both sides of my belly button


Labor signs:
None, thankfully

Belly button in/out:
Still in

What I miss:
Not a whole lot, but I am sure sleep will be my answer soon!

What I am looking forward to:
Hopefully passing my 1 hour glucose test today

Double digits yesterday, and 3rd Tri next week!!! Woot :-)

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