Tuesday, September 20, 2011

28 Weeks

Well, I made it another week. Not without a few grey hairs from little man making me worried, I am sure though. His movement has decreased a lot since last Friday. I called my OB yesterday, and she doesn't seem concerned. She said it could be due to him growing or the placement of the placenta. I used to be able to feel him move throughout the day, but now it seems to be just a night when I am laying down. I even tried to trick him to move by drinking a "mega mocha" cappachino on the way home from the in-laws Sunday. Nothing :-(  So needless to say, my doppler is getting used a lot more now. His heart rate is in the 140s, which is good. Just wish I could relax and not worry about him so much!!!

Weekly Update

How far along:
28 weeks

Due date:

Total weight gain:
Still 19 lbs as of this am

Maternity clothes:
Yep, and just bought some fall/winter items yesterday!

Not that great because of my worry for Noah lately

Best moment this week:
Starting prenatal classes

Decreased to only at night mostly :-(

Food cravings:
Regular milk, which I NEVER used to drink

Food aversions:
None really

Up a lot a night to use the restroom

100% boy!

Labor signs:
None, thankfully

Belly button in/out:
Still in, but getting more shallow!

What I miss:
Noah's movement!

What I am looking forward to:
My next OB appt!!!

Made it another week!

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  1. When Colin started getting bigger, I didn't feel as much movement either. My SIL, who is a nurse, said to drink really cold water and lay down for a while to see if movement increases. I've heard OJ can help too, because it has some sugar in it. I'm glad Noah is growing and thriving :) You're getting closer, girl! Only 9 weeks away from how far along I was when Colin was born!