Tuesday, October 18, 2011

32 Weeks

This week has been eventful! I had my OB appt last Friday, and my BP was 140/90. They re-checked it 3 times, and it dropped a little but not much. Also my legs and feet were swollen. So my OB ran a bunch of labs to see if I was at risk for pre-e. Luckily, she called me that afternoon and all of the results came back normal. She told me to take it easy and not do much all weekend. Well, I had my last shower Saturday, and was supposed to go to the Packers game Sunday. She told me the shower was fine, but a no-go to Green Bay. I went back yesterday, and my BP was back down to 128/82, and the swelling was a lot less. I do have a trace amount of protein in my urine now though. So she will continue to keep an eye on that. Also, my belly was measuring 36 last Friday. So this Friday morning I have another u/s to check Noah's growth and to re-check my cervical length. I am just excited to see my little man again! I will update when I know more.

Weekly Update

How far along:
32 weeks

Due date:
12-13-11, but I am beginning to think he will be here before that

Total weight gain:
26 lbs as of yesterday

Maternity clothes:

Getting more uncomfortable

Yes, and I love it!!! My mom finally got to feel him Sunday!

Food cravings:
Milk and cheetos.. not together though lol

Food aversions:

Growing belly, headaches, starting to get an achy back


Labor signs:

Belly button:
Still in....

What I miss:
Not much!

What I am looking forward to:
U/S on Friday and maternity pics taken Saturday!

Still pregnant!

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