Tuesday, October 25, 2011

33 Weeks

Made it another week. I am getting more and more tired lately as Noah keeps growing! I finished up my thank-you cards from the 3 baby showers I had. So glad to get that done. Brian and I started looking at what we need to buy yet before he gets here. The list isn't too long, just need to get going on it. Still working on finishing his nursery. Hopefully we will get the bookshelf anchored into the wall this week yet, so I can work on things a little more. Will take pics when all done.

My neighbor took maternity pictures last Saturday for me. I got to see a few of them when she downloaded them to her computer. Super excited to see how they all turn out! She is hoping to finish them by the weekend :-) So I may have another post before 34 weeks!!

I had an ultrasound last Friday to check out his growth, fluid levels, and my cervical length. Happy to report that everything looks great. Baby boy is not so little, with estimated weight of 5lb 6oz!!! He is in the 90th percentile of most measurements, including his head ... eeeek! He head down and very low, considering the tech had a difficult time getting his head measurements because he was so low. No wonder I have been having pain in my lady bits area!! She even could tell me that he has hair :-)

Weekly Update

How far along:
33 Weeks

Due date:
12-13-11, but think he will arrive sooner than that!

Total weight gain:
27 lbs as of this morning

Maternity clothes:
Yep, and some are getting too small lately

Can't seem to get enough, and getting uncomfortable!

Best moment this week:
Seeing Noah again on u/s

Yes, and more often! Love it every time :-)

Food cravings:
Milk, fruit

Food aversions:

Growing belly, fatigue, frequent urination, lower back pain

100% boy!

Labor signs:

Belly button:
Still in, but shallow

What I miss:
Not being out of breath!

What I am looking forward to:
Seeing maternity pics and my next OB appt on Monday.

Each day is! Bake a little longer, baby boy!

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  1. You look great! Enjoy the last weeks of feeling him move inside you. You'll miss it later. :)