Tuesday, November 1, 2011

34 Weeks

Yet another week has passed! Today is the first day of November, and crazy to think my baby boy will be here soon! I had another OB appt yesterday. BP is still in normal range, and little swelling. Fundal height continues to measure weeks ahead at 40.5 (was 36 two weeks ago). My OB looked over the results from my last u/s on Oct 21st, and along with the acceleration of his fundal height, she decided to schedule another u/s for Nov 11th. If Noah is still in the high range for most of his measurements, my OB said we could schedule an induction date for December 6th (39 weeks). They won't induce any earlier than that unless there is a medical emergency. He could always come earlier on his own as well. So I am thinking he will be here in about 5 weeks max!!! Eeeeeeekkk!!!! Brian and I better get going on that to-do list!

Weekly Update

How far along:
34 Weeks

Due Date:
Technically 12-13-11, but will be here before then!

Total weight gain:
As of yesterday at the OB office, 28 lbs

Maternity Clothes:

Getting up more in the night, and been uncomfortable!

Best moment this week:
Finding out Noah may be here even sooner than planned!

Yep, and I LOVE it!

Food cravings:
Milk and sugary cereal... Cocoa Krispies and Lucky Charms mostly

Food aversions:

Growing belly, some back pain, fatigue

100% boy!

Labor signs:
None yet....

Belly button:
Still in, but might pop out before he's here....

What I miss:
Feeling pretty!

What I am looking forward to:
u/s on Nov 11th, seeing Noah again!

Each day is one!!!

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