Friday, December 2, 2011

He's Here!!! Noah's Birth Story

I am a little behind at writing this, but wanted to let everyone who may not already know that Noah James has arrived!

On Monday, Nov 15th, I had gotten home from work. Brian and I had a 6pm meeting with a potential daycare provider to watch Noah part time on the off days my mom wasn't watching him. At 5:45 I was putting on my shoes, getting ready to take out the dog so we could leave, when my water broke!!! HOLY CRAP! I called to Brian to let him know that I didn't think we were making it to our appt, and explained why. He asked if I was sure I didn't just"pee myself." Ummm... no! It was a huge gush and continued to leak. Since this was 4 weeks before my EDD, we didn't have a hospital packed yet. So as I am in the bathroom calling labor & delivery, plus cancelling our appt, I am trying to tell Brian what all to pack... not an easy task I might add. We finally get heading to the hospital and I call my mom to meet us there. I got checked in at 7:10 pm, and they ran a test on the fluid to make sure, in fact, my water had broken. Yep! So that meant I was being admitted. I was checked and was at 3 cm and 65% effaced. I didn't have any contractions as of yet.

Since my water had broken, they wanted to make sure my labor didn't stall in fear of an infection, so I was started on a low dosage of pitocin. Then the contractions started kicking in. Not long after, I got my epidural! Let me just say, HEAVEN!!! It wasn't nearly as bad as I had been imagining this whole time. And finally was able to get some rest. Around 10:30 pm or so, I really started to get uncomfortable. My contractions were coming fast and strong. I was checked and was only at a solid 7 cm or so.

I really don't remember the other measurements and the times I was checked. By 3 am though, I had to push! The nurse checked me again and I was ready to go! Unfortunately, the on-call OB wasn't there yet, so I was told not to push. Yeah right!!! With 20 minutes of pushing, at 3:36 am, Noah James was born. Since he was considered "premature," a pediatrician had to be there at delivery. They checked him over and he was great. He had a little bit of wheezing, so they took him to the nursery. I was really worried about him! But within 10 minutes or so, they brought him back and he was great! He was 6lbs 10oz and 21 inches long, with a lot of blonde hair and blue eyes. We were so in love!!!

By 6 am, I was walking to my post-partum room. Our stay in the hospital seemed long. He got circumcised on Wednesday, so we didn't get discharged until Thursday. I was so ready to go home, but at the same time, was now realizing that I am responsible for this little man for the rest of my life. Had a lot of emotions going on that day!

Things have been stressful at home since then. For a while, Noah had his days and nights mixed up...getting up every hour on the hour at night. Was so thankful my mom stayed to help out! Plus, he had jaundice to the point of needing the bili bed. It was so hard to see him in that thing, in just his diaper and with the cloth glasses on. By the following Monday though, his levels were within the normal range, and we could stop the light treatment. He is finally eating better (pumping now since he had latching issues), and is gaining weight.

My recovery wasn't too bad. I had a 2nd degree tear during labor and required stitches. That was the worst pain I had after delivery, which only required me a pain med every once and a while. So now that I am done rambling about everything, here are a few pics of my little peanut! Thanks for reading :-)

In the hospital

Heading home 11-17-11

Happy Thanksgiving!!

1st bath at home... not so crazy about them yet!

My peanut in the bili bed

Noah and Mommy

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  1. It's so crazy that 10 months to the day after Colin was born (1/17), Noah was coming home from the hospital. Yay for sweet baby boys. :) I hope he is sleeping better for you now! I went through the EXACT same things (frequent wakings, latching issues, pumping.. the whole nine yards). Snuggle your tiny baby now, because you won't believe how fast he'll grow!!