Thursday, February 16, 2012

Letter to Noah - 3 Months

To my sweet little boy,

How can you be 3 months old already? Seems like just yesterday we brought you home, scared and exhausted! Even though there are still fears today, we are much more at ease about parenting now, I think...

You rolled over for the first time on 1-27-12 while playing on your activity mat. You are NOT a fan of tummy time and while getting frustrated, you somehow worked yourself up away you went. I think it surprised you as much as it did me! Daddy was so proud of you. Of course, you haven't done it since. You only spend a few minutes on your tummy before throwing a fit!

You have been STTN for about a month now, and we couldn't be happier! The first night you did it, I was shocked and figured it was just a fluke. But ever since then, you haven't looked back. It's been GREAT! Although, you are not the greatest napper during the day, and tend to fight sleep bad.

You have recently found your hands. You love to try and get your whole fist in your mouth to chew on....sometimes both at once. And when you can't do it, you get frustrated! It's actually kind of cute :-)

Things we love:
Still love being on your changing table. We talk, play with feet, and mommy gets you to smile A LOT! I am not sure what it is about your changing table you like so much, but every time I lay you down, I smile knowing your adorable grin and dimples are just seconds away! And you still like to be walked around the house so you can check out everything on the walls. Good thing Grandma has lots to look at! Still sleep in the RnP, love your seahorse toy, and being swaddled.

Things we hate:
You are still not a fan of taking a bath, although its getting a little better. When we burp you, you hate sitting down. Whoever is burping you better be walking around! Otherwise you cry too much and then don't burp. You don't like tummy time (still working on this one).

Noah, I have done a lot of good and bad things in my life. But none of that matters when I think back to the day I brought you into this world. You are my life. I am so proud to be your mommy, and will do everything I can to make you proud of me. I love you peanut!

Love always and forever,