Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday, Noah!!!

Hello sweet love,

Again, mommy is a little late at typing this, but what can ya do?! It is completely insane to me that you have been in this world for 6 months already. Time is just going by so fast, and you are learning so much each day. I love watching you do new things and makes me laugh to see you explore. Here is a little bit of info about you before I go into your likes and dislikes. You had your 6 month check-up last week. Current stats:
weight 13.8lbs (2.4%), length 26.25" (52%), and head circumference is in the 9% (not sure on actual measurement). Your pedi wasn't concerned with your weight and even stated he thinks you will never be a big boy. Mommy and Daddy are a little more concerned and have discussed taking you to a specialist just to make sure we aren't missing something.

You are eating much better, taking 6oz about 6-7 bottles a day, plus your cereal and solids. This week, I started adding your fruit to your oatmeal, and you LOVE it!!! Just two more fruits to go :-) Mommy still needs to look into a food processor to make homemade baby food. But for now, you are loving the purees.

Hair crazy!!! I can't believe how fast your hair is growing. If you were a little girl, you would have the cutest ponytail on the top of your head right now. It's getting pretty thick on top, and oh SO blond :-) Which, I must say, is a dangerous combination with those baby blues you bat around!!!

Clothes... you are starting to outgrow your 0-3 onesies finally, and some of the 3-6's are getting a little snug too. I tried a 6-9 on you this week and was shocked that it fit!! However, you are STILL in 0-3 pants/shorts. This makes it quite difficult to buy any sets for you!

Things you love: bath time, cereals and purees, playing with your doggie, grabbing and playing with your toes, blowing raspberries, finding your voice and learning how to get louder and louder, your piano play mat, and cuddle time with mommy at night.

Things you hate: sleep (sometimes you fight it so hard), being on your belly - still, mommy leaving the room.

I am so grateful that you are healthy and growing. You are such a blessing and I can't believe you are my son. All of the worry, tears, and pain the last three years was all worth it, and each time you smile, I remember that. I still miss my two angel babies that were lost before you. But it will never take away the love and joy you have brought to our life. I can't wait to see what the next 6 months brings. Mommy has already started planning your 1st birthday party... I know, I know.... you will learn that your Mommy is a planner!!! Get used to it :-)

I love you, Peanut!
Love always,

Swinging at Daycare

Preview of your 6 Month photo shoot.. can't wait for the rest!

Mommy Love!

Fell asleep on a walk with Grandma

Bath time cutie!!!

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