Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Letters to Noah - 4 Months

Hello my sweet baby boy,

Another month has gone by and it amazes me how much you have changed and grown. Last month was rough with having your first cold that didn't want to end. Over this past week, you have finally started feeling better. It has been unseasonably warm the past couple of weeks, and Mommy had to go buy some summer clothes since I wasn't expecting you to be needing them for a few more months. We have been taking a lot of walks when I get home from work, and you love it...sometimes falling asleep by the time we get home.

You are now engaging in your toys. You are opening your hands and holding some of them. Of course, everything is going to the mouth. Which, sometimes gets you frustrated when you can't get it in there. You no longer use a nuk, but are starting to suck your fingers. Mommy is not sure how to feel about this yet. Along with this, you are gagging yourself sometimes with those long fingers. Mommy and Daddy try to keep them out of the mouth after your bottle, but doesn't always work. I have a feeling you are in the process of teething as well. The drooling has picked up and you now wear a bib constantly otherwise we need to do laundry every few days of all the clothes you would go through.

We switched your formula to Similac Sensitive and you are doing great!!! No more constipation issues, but we still have to give you a little bottle of prune juice/water mixture here and there, which you don't mind. And you are now eating 5.5 oz at a time, usually 5-6 bottles a day. You seem to be a MUCH happier baby as well, which makes Mommy happy!

Your 4 month check-up was last Friday (3-16-12) and you weigh 11lbs 14oz and measured 25" long. You are in the 4% for weight, 6% for head circumference, and 50% for length. Your pedi didn't voice any concern and said you look "GREAT!" You received three vaccines (2 shots, one oral) and it made you cry so hard. I felt so bad for you.. especially since Mommy hates needles too! I can't believe your next doctor appt will be for your 6 month check-up... where is the time going???

Things You Love:
Well, you love being swaddled yet, which we may be weaning you from soon. Bath time is much better, and you are now splashing your feet in the water, thanks to Daddy :-) You smile a lot, and have started laughing out loud. It's the best sound in the world!!! You love being the center of attention and having ppl talk to you. Addie gives you puppy kisses and it makes you smile. When being held, you like facing outward when you are alert, but still like to cuddle up to Mommy's shoulder! And of course, putting your fingers in your mouth :-) You are just now exploring the fact that you have TOES!!!

Things You Hate:
You hate being left in a room alone. Now that you can follow people in/out of a room, this is something you do not like at all. You still hate being burped, and when the bottle goes empty and is taken out of your mouth. You are getting better at burping though. You are starting to fuss more when being put in your car seat. You used to like it, but not so much now. Could be because it's warmer outside and makes you feel warm?! Not sure. And course, you hate when we pull your fingers out of your mouth. :-)

Well little man, I guess that's it for this month. Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month...
Mommy & Daddy love you very much!!!

Love always & Forever,

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