Thursday, June 30, 2011

16 Week Appointment ....

Well it's been since the end of May since my last OB appt. Yesterday was supposed to be the next one. I really was looking forward to it, even getting the 1 hour glucose test done and out of the way. And of course yesterday morning, there were donuts and Panera bagels brought in, which I turned down since I had that test. I left work about 1pm to give myself enough time to get home, let the dog out, and relax a little before having to drink the stuff. I had JUST taken the cap off and was about to drink it, when my phone rang. It was the clinic letting me know that my OB was going to be in surgery all afternoon and needed to reschedule my appt to next Friday :-(  So I recapped the glucose drink and put it back in the refrigerator. Boo!!! Was really disappointed. So hopefully next week I will have an update.

On a happy note, today is 16 week mark for me!!!! I really never imagined I'd ever make it this far. It's still surreal to me. Brian and I have been starting to talk about bedding options... ok, maybe me more than him. I think I am finally letting myself get excited and enjoy this pregnancy a little bit. I am still scared and nervous. When I have bad days, I get out the doppler and find that amazing heartbeat, and I just melt! So grateful I have that for reassurance. And I may even start weekly updates next week... bump pics and all. I've been hesitant to...

Have a safe and happy July 4th!!!!


  1. You're going to have a baby, M!! Relax and enjoy it :) I know it's hard, but you have a healthy growing baby in there. I can't wait to find out if baby P is a boy or a girl! Hang in there, you'll get to that oh so fun next appointment soon. :) Hugs to you, darling!