Friday, July 8, 2011

17 Weeks and Dr Appt Update

So today was my rescheduled appt from last week. I am glad that the orange glucose drink wasn't that bad. Now just to hope for good results! I was really hoping for an u/s today, but I guess my OB was the only one in the office today and said she was running an hour behind, plus had about 7 more patients to see yet before making rounds in the hospital. So an u/s was pretty much out of the question.  Brian was able to come with me this time. OB found baby's heartbeat right away.... beating at 160bpm.  Loved seeing that smiled on Brian's face when he heard it.I have also gained 6 lbs, which I thought my OB would be upset about, but she said it's a good thing that I am starting to gain a little weight. My A/S is scheduled for July 27th at 5pm. I can't wait!!!!

Weekly Check-In

How far along:
17 weeks (plus a day)

Maternity Clothes:
Yes! Just went shopping last weekend for shirts. Got lots :-)

Wake up at least once a night to pee, plus been sleeping with a pillow between my knees.

Best moment this week:
Hearing the heartbeat at the OB's office today and scheduling my A/S

Food Cravings:
Fruits! I can't get enough of it!!!

Hopefully find out on the 27th. I've felt boy this whole time. Everyone around me says girl....

Belly button in or out:
In and it will probably stay that way...

Not that I know of. Although I am not sure what to expect it to feel like. Hopefully soon though!

What I miss:
Margaritas! With it being summer, I would go over to the neighbors and have a drink while talking around a fire... now I just get handed a bottle of water :-(

What I am looking forward to:
A/S on the 27th!

Each week is one for me! I can't believe I am this far already!!! 3 weeks til half baked!!!

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