Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Half Baked and Exciting News!

Well I made it!!! 20 weeks today. This pregnancy has gone by so fast already. And I have a feeling the second half will too! Ready for the update?!?!.........

How far along?

20 weeks!!!!


Due Date:

Dec. 13, 2011


Total weight gain/loss:

6 lbs still :-)


Maternity clothes?




Insomnia seems to have hit the past few nights. The only sleep I can get is in our spare bedroom :-(


Best moment this week:

Deciding to have an elective ultrasound done yesterday. It was amazing and I am so glad we did it!!!


Yep!!! :-)

Food cravings:

Fruit mostly still


Food aversions:

Mexican food still



Belly bigger if that counts...



We found out yesterday, we are having a little BOY!!!! Brian and I are so happy and love this little man so much. Noah James will be an amazing little boy!

Labor Signs:

None yet, thankfully!



Belly Button in or out?

Still in


What I miss:

Margaritas and getting to sleep before midnight!


What I am looking forward to:

Starting to plan the nursery and our registry!



Everyday is one for me! Keep growing baby!!

I didn't take a belly shot yet today.... but here are a few great picture from yesterday.... may I introduce.... Noah James!

Noah's little profile

3D side shot

The money shot!!! No doubting this one!!!


  1. Yay for a baby boy!! Colin is so excited to have a little buddy in Wisconsin. hehe :) I'm so happy for you, love!

  2. Congrats on a baby boy and being half baked!! :) Love Noah's little profile shot, yesterday must have been so exciting :)