Friday, July 15, 2011

An Update....

Last night I had another episode of pink to light red spotting. I called the on-call OB and she basically dismissed my concerns. She told me since I wasn't 20 weeks yet, that even if I went to the ER, they wouldn't be able to do much. So it was up to me if  I decided to go in or not. The whole conversation with her was 2 minutes and 12 seconds! I was so irritated!!! Brian thought I should just wait until morning. So that's what I did. Woke up today, and the spotting is gone... AGAIN! I really wish I knew why this only seems to happen at night right before bed. I called the OB office today and was told the same instructions as yesterday. The good news is they changed my A/S from the 27th to the 21st! So we will hopefully find out a little sooner than later how this LO is. I have been a couch potato most of the morning, but couldn't stand it anymore I was so bored. Came online to update and order myself lunch.... mmmmm, pizza!!!

If you could spare some good vibes, thoughts, and prayers.. It would be greatly appreciated. I am sure I am just a paranoid momma-to-be...


  1. Thoughts, prayers and good vibes headed your way. Spotting sucks, and I can't wait to hear good news from your a/s. It's so soon!

  2. Lots of prayers and thoughts coming your way. Hope you and your sweet little baby are ok. (((hugs)))

  3. So glad everything is ok now, I hope your appointment goes well on Thursday and you get to find out if baby P is a he or a she!

    (hey that rhymed!)