Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well, I think we finally have names picked out :-) Brian and I have had the boy name for a long time now. I just keep changing my mind on the girl name. I struggle sometimes because I want to find a name that doesn't sound to "kiddish" as she would get older. I think, can I see this girl growing up and still being called this at the age of 40+?  I had about 7-8 top favorite names.... and last weekend, found the perfect fit. Here are our choices.....

Boy: Noah James
Girl: Emsley Grace

I have loved Noah for years now. I found Emsley in a baby names book. I saw it and just loved the sound of it. Then I read the meaning and fell in love with the name.... "A gift from God." How perfect!!! Can't wait until July 27th to find out... Noah or Emsley?!?!


  1. I can't wait to find out, either!! I love both names. They both reflect that this little one is God's gift to you. :) Noah makes me think of Noah in the Bible, who had such faith that he built an ark even though people around him thought he was crazy, because God told him to.

    I hope the time passes quickly until your next u/s!!

  2. Very cute. Can't wait to find out who your precious one will be!