Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Been MIA... life update....

Well these last 2 months have certainly been an experience. Noah turned 2 months old on Sunday and I can't believe how much he has grown and changed since the day he was born. Here's a little update on us....

Noah had a difficult time with latching, and never really got it fully. So I have been pumping since my milk came in. He was doing fine until I noticed he was spitting up a lot more and was very gassy. Well after a few visits to his ped, and switching his formula 4 times, I think we finally got it right. He's now on Enfamil AR. I wasn't producing enough for him to have just breast milk, so we supplement with formula. Last week I noticed he would do fine on the formula but would spit up a LOT on breast milk. So now we combine 3 oz formula and 1 oz breast milk. He's doing a lot better!
He is finally outgrowing his newborn clothes and starting to wear 0-3 :-) And his NB diapers are getting a little snug, so once those run out, we will be onto #1s. It's so much fun seeing him change and grow. I swear he changes daily.
I went back to work on January 2nd, which was the hardest thing! I cried all night Sunday night knowing what the next morning would be like. Monday was rough, but it made me feel better knowing my mom was looking after him. She has him Mon-Wed-Fri and he goes to an in-home daycare Tues-Thurs. She's great with him!
Addie has been GREAT with him. Of course the first day we were home, she was going nuts because I had been gone for so long and she missed me (total momma's girl). But she sniffed Noah and that was about it. She now comes running anytime Noah starts crying. It's really cute.
Things we love so far: vibrating seats, seahorse that glows and plays music, Dr. Brown's bottles, being walked around the house and talked to, patting on the butt, diaper change time, and music on the radio.
Things we hate: bath time, waiting for bottle to warm up, sleeping on back, sleeping in the crib, putting on the snowsuit.
We had his 2 month check-up yesterday. Noah is now 9 lbs 6 oz and 22.25 " long. He is still only in the 6th percentile for weight, and 25% for height. He had his shots and I felt so bad for him. Made him very sleepy last night though.
Here are a few recent pics of my little man......


  1. He is so cute. Happy 2 months, Noah!

  2. Love those pictures!! Happy 2 month birthday!