Friday, June 25, 2010

A Little of This & That

So I didn't get time to write my Thankful Thursday post, but this week I am thankful that AF arrived and my body is working as it should. I have to say charting is amazing and am so glad I can see whats going on by just taking my temp every morning! I am also very thankful that the severe weather WI has experienced this past week didn't result in any fatalities!

I am so glad its Friday!!! I worked Sunday, so this is day 6 and I am SO ready for the weekend. And the best part is that we don't even have any plans. I LOVE weekends like that!! Maybe we will go see a movie or something. I'd love to have a date day/night in Madison :-) But we will see. I know the house needs to be cleaned and we have some shopping to do as well.

I have my f/u appt scheduled with my OB July 13th. I am hoping everything will go well and then she will schedule my HSG. I am a littler nervous about that since I hear mixed stories. Some say its very painful, while others say its nothing worse than AF cramping. I am just looking for there to be nothing blocking my tubes and to ensure everything is "normal."

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