Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well I wish I could be thankful for a BFP this week, but I have to settle for a new cycle starting and getting the chance to try again. The last cycle I had such high expectations, and it was hard to be let down. But today is a new day!! I was looking at my chart this morning and if I ovulate around the time I usually do, I would be testing (hopefully) right around Brian's birthday! How great would that present be?!?!? Great, now my hopes are starting up again, lol. I guess time will tell, huh?!

I am LOVING this time of year. Its getting cooler out, the central air is turned off, windows opened, and I get to watch my Brewers, Badgers, and Packers!!!! I have noticed that even some of the leaves are starting to change already. This is my favorite time of year, by far. Brian and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on the 27th! I know we had our MN trip planned as part of our anniversary gift to each other, but I think I might still have to plan something special for us. We have been through SO much in two years, and almost didn't make it to where we are today. I am thankful each and every day that he is with me! I am a very lucky woman!!!!

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