Friday, February 4, 2011

New Plan....

Well since my OB will only do a maximum of 3 clomid cycles, and AF showed this morning with a HUGE temp drop, it's on to the next step. I have an OB appt on February 15th at 10:30 to discuss what's next. More than likely, it will be Femara and Metformin. So this cycle I am going to try and "relax" more, not worried about drinking pom juice or green tea. I thought about not temping, but I think I should since then I might have a better idea on what's going on at my appt. I am curious if the clomid helped "regulate" my cycles now. I just hope I O earlier than later. Would be awesome to be testing around my birthday!!!

Thank you to all of you who read this. I am sure most of it is repeats of what I talk about on the boards, but it has really helped me deal with this journey. I never could have dreamt that after 2 years, I would be where I am at. It makes keeping faith difficult sometimes. I have wanted to give up more than once.Thanks to those who have given me strength and encouragement to push on! Its means so much to me!!!

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