Friday, April 8, 2011

Beta Update

So Monday's beta was 11.6 and prog only 5.6. I went in again Wednesday afternoon. Beta was 42.2 but prog still only 6.7, and my OB is off every Thursday. So I talked to the on-call, and she agreed that it's low. I still had some prog suppositories left from last year, and she told me to start those last night, and to follow-up with my OB today to get an order and such. So that is the plan right now. I am waiting for the office to open at 8am to call. I am sure she will have me come in again today for another beta and prog level check. I am going to ask if there is any way they can STAT it so I can get the results yet today and not have to wonder all weekend what's going on. I am still very guarded right now, and worried about this peanut... but I am glad to see that my hcg levels are rising properly. I hope it continues. Please let this be our take home baby!!!!!!

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with my OB's nurse. My OB is thrilled with my beta levels and doesn't want another hcg drawn until next Wednesday. She said I can do the progesterone suppositories and will be working with my insurance to get that approved. I really hope she knows what she is doing. Not having another beta until next week scares me!


  1. Fingers crossed, honey! Praying that this is your take home baby!

  2. Yay!! I'll keep thinking about you and praying this little one sticks!!