Friday, April 29, 2011

May I introduce....

Baby P!!!

I had my first appt this morning. Brian and I were both SO nervous since we have never seen something on an u/s with our last 2 pregnancies. My OB did a PAP, then took us into the u/s room. Right away when she started, I could see the sac and our little peanut. This pic was the best one of the 6-8 she took! Our little peanut is measuring right on track at 7w1d, with a heart rate of 146 bpm. It was truly amazing to see the little flicker of his/her heart beating! Made tears come to my eyes.

My next appt is May 27th. I will be just over 11 weeks, and can't wait to hear the heartbeat and see our peanut again!


  1. Marissa I meant to text you so many times today but it was my last day at work and quite hectic. I'm SO happy for you and so glad you got to see your little peanut...what an amazing thing isn't it!! Lots of love!