Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today is an exciting day!!! Made it to 35 weeks, with 35 days until my due date. I am sure he will be here before then, but won't know for sure until Friday with my next u/s and OB appt. Last Saturday, Brian and I headed to Madison to get the final few things we still needed for baby's arrival. We have pretty much everything now. We ended up deciding against buying a crib bedding set. Since we hadn't planned on using the bumper anyway, plus wouldn't be using the quilt until later on, we chose to just get a breathable bumper instead. Of course, the one we bought was defective and will have to make another trip to Madison to exchange it. One of the ties was not even attached to the bumper. Tonight I am planning on getting the mobile assembled and on the crib. Last Friday, my mom came over to help finish a few things in the nursery, and we also got all of the newborn and 0-3 clothes washed! Felt so good to get that job done. Below I have included pictures of his nursery... still not 100% complete, but getting there!

Weekly Update

How far along:
35 Weeks

Due date:
12-13-11, but will more than likely make his arrival before then!

Total weight gain:
Ugg, went to the doctor yesterday because of my cold, and weight was up 8 lbs from my OB appt last wk Monday... so going to sadly say...35 lbs?!?!

Maternity clothes:
Yes, and some are too small

Bad this week since I am sick right now

Best moment this week:
Getting closer to finishing his room and having all of his clothes washed!

Yep :-)

Food cravings:
Milk and sweet kid cereals

Food aversions:
None, really should remove this question from the updates lol

Growing belly and weight gain


Labor signs:

Belly button:
Still in, and may stay that way

What I miss:
Feeling pretty

What I am looking forward to:
u/s on Friday to see how big my "little" man is!


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