Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!

So this was a very exciting day for me. I have been so down and frustrated with my body for two major reasons. One, because I got weighed at the OB office a couple of weeks ago and I am the heaviest I have ever been. I hate my picture taken and get so discouraged seeing myself in photos. I need to lose this weight! And second, because my body seems to be stalled on the ovulation front. I have been using ovulation tests for weeks now and just when I think its starting to get close and they are dark, then it gets light again. My temps have been ALL over the place, which is not the norm for me neither. So I called my OB on Monday to see if she could give me medication to help this cycle along since after AF gets here, I am scheduling my HSG and hopefully if all is clear, to start trying again. She agreed to let me get something if I hadn't gotten my period by the weekend and if I take a HPT and its negative. Well I already know I am not pregnant! I haven't even O'd yet!!! But today was a good day....

YAY, a positive OPK finally!!!

I am going to call my OB tomorrow and let her know about this. I think I will see what happens with my temps over the weekend. Hopefully my body isn't faking me out!! I would love not to need the Provera :-) Now just to work on the weight loss....

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  1. Yay!! :) It's so funny that your body waited to O until you were ABOUT to take action to end the cycle. Nice!