Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scary and Nerve-Wracking

So I had posted in my update yesterday about lack of movement lately. Well, I just couldn't shake the icky feeling I was having that something was really wrong!! So I called my OB, and they decided to have me come in and check things out. I was monitored for fetal movement and his heart rate. Then my OB saw me. She said things look good, and decided to just do an appt-typical exam since I was there. When she checked me, I was shocked at what she said. She told me I was a fingertip dilated and 50% effaced. WTF?!?!?!! Not what I was expecting at ALL. She didn't seem to concerned, and scheduled me for an u/s this morning (since they couldn't fit me in yesterday for some reason). So last night I took it easy and basically did nothing.

This morning my mom met me at the hospital. The radiology tech was really nice! She told me they would be measuring the baby's body since I was measuring so far ahead, the fluid, and cervical length. Noah was nice and comfortable in the breach position. We got to see him putting his fingers in his mouth, and was moving a lot. After all of the measurements, she told me what she could. The cervical length was 2.8 cm, which she said was good news. There was no evidence of funneling. She didn't mention anything about the fluid, which made me a little nervous. Then she got to the baby's measurements. Noah has long legs and is measuring at 29w4d, so about a week and a half ahead. Estimated weight was 2lbs 14 oz, which made me smile! I am so glad he seems healthy!!!

My OB finally called me around 3:30 pm. She said that everything from the u/s looks good, but is still a little concerned about my dilation. She ordered another test for Friday to see if I am at high risk for preterm labor in the next couple of weeks. Since I had an internal exam yesterday and a trans vag u/s today, they have to wait at least 24 hours to do this other test. There is a chance that because of the other internals, that I could get a false positive test. She said if the test is negative, then I can go about my day-to-day activities. If it's positive, then I will have frequent OB visits and probably modified bedrest. I am really worried about that since Brian's job is talking 10-15% layoffs for his company in the near future. I guess we just have to take one day at a time right now. I was told that I can return to work tomorrow, but just work and home to rest. Nothing else.

Thank you for everyone who has been there through all of this with me! And thanks for reading my blog. Sometimes it's just a bunch of rambling, but it helps me get through times like these. Now for a couple of Noah pics....


Little foot :-) Can't wait to kiss his toes!


  1. Thinking of you and Noah! Stay put little man!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! He's gorgeous already :) Stay cookin' in there, Noah! Your mommy wants to meet you, but not until you're ready!!

  3. Very cute pictures! I hope your other test goes ok and your little man stays in there and cooks for alittle longer! Lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way!!!